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D.I.Y. Projects

Here a few Do-It-Yourself projects for you taper geeks out there. They're pretty simple (I'm no electrical engineer, that's for sure) but very useful and can save you some cash as well.

Connector WIring Diagram
While this isn't a project per se, it is a valuable resource. I have no idea where I originally found it, but it is a diagram of many popular connectorsand adapters (XLR, TRS, 1/4" etc) and how they are wired.

Line-level Attenuator
Sometimes a soundboard feed is too hot for a tape deck's input stage. As a result, distortion can occur even though the levels are set correctly. What is needed is a way to convert the +4dB board signal to -10dB line level. Heres a small device that will do just that.

Sony D7/D8 Long Life Battery Pack
Using inexpensive parts from Radio Shack, you can easily build a battery pack for your deck that will last 15 hours or more using D-cell batteries.

Tascam DA-P1 Rechargeable Battery System
For less than a third of the price of commercial rechargeable battery systems, you can easily build one yourself with parts purchased over the internet.

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